A Biopharmaceutical Partnership Symposium Château Laurier, Québec October 2-3, 2013

BioContactQuébec 2013 is a biopharmaceutical partnership symposium gathering over 300 participants.

BioContact Quebec 2013 will offer two presentation sessions (Block I-II). More than 24 biopharmaceutical companies, coming from Canada, the United States and Europe, will be presenting in different sectors of activities (diagnostics, therapeutics and services) and disciplines such as :

  • Cancer
  • Cardiology
  • Drug Delivery Systems
  • Endocrinology / Metabolism
  • Genomics / Proteomics
  • Immunology / Infectiology
  • Medical Technologies
  • Neurobiology
  • Services
  • Virology
  • Others

Panels Discussion

BioContact Quebec 2013 will be presenting 6 Panels Sessions on different thematics such as :

  • Financing (emerging new business models)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions strategies
  • AmorChem's "KNOCK-OUT™" competition
  • Patents filing strategies (Myriad's case)
  • Orphan drugs and rare diseases challenges
  • Personalized Medicine

"Come and ask questions to our seasoned Panelists"


BioContact Quebec 2013 will make available private meeting rooms for one-on-one sessions and networking opportunities. These meetings will be offered in consecutive 30-minute periods. Senior representatives from presenting biopharmaceutical companies and our strategic partners will be on hand for biopartnering sessions. BioContact Quebec 2013 offers you the opportunity to meet hundreds of participants under one roof, all seeking some combination of partners, investment and professional services to promote their Companies.

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